3kg RRP: $65.88  |  15kg RRP: $314.47

To Assist with Hoof, Coat & Joint Health.


A palatable molasses flavoured supplement that may assist with hoof, coat and joint health.

Available in: 3 kg and 15 kg.



Each 50 g dose contains:

Essential Vitamins 
Biotin375 mg
Vitamin C2,500 mg
Essential Minerals
Calcium135 mg
Copper1,254 mg
Iron360 mg
Magnesium159 mg
Manganese7 mg
Silica24,250 mg
Sulphur20 mg
Zinc1.4 mg
Additional Nutrition
MSM2,500 mg
Amino Acid Profile
BCAA53.3 mg
Alanine79.7 mg
Arginine102.3 mg
Aspartic Acid109.2 mg
Cysteine51.8 mg
Glutamic Acid740.5 mg
Glycine94.5 mg
Histidine51.4 mg
Isoleucine84.9 mg
Leucine155.9 mg
Lysine59.2 mg
Methionine35.7 mg
Phenylalanine107.8 mg
Proline243 mg
Serine113.5 mg
Threonine64 mg
Tryptophan32.6 mg
Tyrosine67.6 mg
Valine105.6 mg



Mix 50 g in feed daily as required.



Store in a cool dry place below 25ºC. Keep away from direct sunlight. Do not exceed the stated dose. Replace lid firmly after use.


FOR ANIMAL TREATMENT ONLY. To supplement diets where levels may be low.


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